Nights of Azure can be enjoyable for what it is – an adequate action game with RPG elements – and some people will find sections to like, but it’s not one of Gust’s best, let down with a lack of depth, stopping it being as gratifying as the recent Atelier games. Either way, this should not put Gust off from creating more new titles, as these shortcomings could be fixed in another attempt in the future.

Nights of Azure’s a disappointing game for sure, but it’s not exactly awful—the mindless combat is balanced by the tremendous art and sound design, and despite the negative tone of this review it’s not offensively bad at anything it does. It’s just aggressively bland and tough to recommend when the action’s too toothless to keep players engaged.

This is a solid action RPG with a interesting story, great characters, and a lovely soundtrack. A low-budget game by a very small company, the game still stands strong and is so much fun. I really recommend it, and am so glad I got it. This game is very special, and I hope Gust will be putting out more original titles like it in the future.

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