Final Fantasy 12’s world is massive, but that’s not always a good thing. While the wide-open zones and tons of paths and sidequests were impressive in 2006, they also led to players getting lost or just getting frustrated when they had to backtrack halfway across the world to turn in a quest or get to the next plot beat.

Kato referred to this problem as one of the “limitations that we had to deal with working with the PlaySation 2 hardware.” To solve this issue, The Zodiac Age features High Speed Mode, whereby players can move much faster by holding down a button. (Note: Despite Kato’s mention of limitations of the PS2 hardware, high speed mode was also in the International Zodiac Job System version of the game, which was on PlayStation 2.)

Beyond the faster movement speed, Kato promised that The Zodiac Age will also include better guide features to ensure players don’t get lost and a new autosave between maps so it’s a little less painful when you die out in the middle of nowhere and forgot to save recently. Those quality of life improvements should add up in a way that eases a lot of the problems some players had with Final Fantasy 12.

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