Not how I remembered it. Far too short and far too easy with unlimited continues and the achievements are glitched.

This game is timeless an absolute classic, it brings back fond memories of my childhood playing this game with my brother. Quite simply they don’t make games like this anymore!

The end fight where you have to plug every single enemy and boss before facing the unfairly tough villain is the stuff of legends…Co-op play is essential if you want to finish the game. [Feb 2007, p.100]

Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] Double Dragon re-introduces martial Arts masters, Billy and Jimmy Lee (AKA Hammer and Spike), who must defeat the savage street gang known as the Black Warriors to rescue Billy’s girlfriend, Marian. Fight your way through four levels from the street and factory to jungle/forest and castle, using every move available to you such as back-kicks, elbows, uppercuts and more. The Xbox Live Arcade version featurse a downloadable demo and original and graphical enhanced versions. Player action includes online co-op 2 player and one-on-one fighting for the final battle. The game also features the opportunity to score 12 achievement points for your online Xbox Live Arcade profile and an online leaderboard gives you the opportunity to show off your Double Dragon skills to your friends. [Empire Interactive]

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