After extensive reconstruction, PES 2015 is a series of back to his best. He embraces his PS2 roots of the era while offering almost everything you can expect from a modern football simulator. The marketing blurb is not only bragging from Konami; the land is really theirs.
The real acid test, however, comes with the online game. It is an area in which Konami has always struggled, but I am cautiously optimistic that the publisher has finally got it right. It is still early, and maybe that will change when the servers are full, but I rarely have to wait long to find a game, and lag was light or missing or when I did. I’ve always felt PES was at his best as a multiplayer game based sofa, but it is comforting to see such robust online component.

It is certainly more than enough to compensate some other defects off-road, and the shortfall following when it comes to licensed content. Konami apparently aware that he can not participate in this – even with a multitude of official international tournaments – instead decided to play to his strengths. If it is impossible to reject the allure of authentic songs, stadiums, team names, and kits, it is said that PES 2015 is intrinsically rewarding enough not to require these hooks. Strip the trinkets and there is a clear winner – and this year, for once, it is not EA Sports.

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