Absolver is super intense, we’re having great fun doing internal tournaments with the team and with playtesters, and we’re really excited to be running our first live tests soon! We’ve done big-budget multiplayer games before, and we know that being online impacts everything from design to code architecture, so we’ve been working in an online environment since day one, to ensure that the gameplay is rock solid in real network conditions!
We hope you like our first trailer. We’ll be releasing more videos soon, so stay tuned during E3 for a look at hands-on previews and gameplay!
We’re a team of experienced programmers, designers & artists; most of us became friends while we were working at Ubisoft in Paris, and we teamed up because we wanted to make a kick-ass online action game, with visceral martial arts-style combat in a fantasy world, in which players meet each other seamlessly during their travels. A new story unfolds at each encounter: what are the other’s intentions? Will we fight to the death or become allies, trading weapons and teaching each other new attacks?

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