IO Interactive has introduced a “live component” Hitman, with new content regularly delivered in downloadable form. This will include limited-duration missions called “Targets Elusive”. If a player fails to kill an elusive target before the end of the mission, or alert the target and allow them to escape, the target will not return. successfully eliminating an elusive target reward players with new costumes for Agent 47 to wear. All the extra downloadable content after the release will be free. Hitman: Absolution online fashion Contracts also returned in Hitman, allowing players to assign different NPCs as assassination targets, established requirements for how to kill and share their contract with other players to compete for high scores.

Twenty years before the events of Hitman: Absolution, 47 arrives at a training center of the CIA in Central Europe, where fellow intern Diana Burnwood meeting. Under his supervision, Agent 47 participates in several simulated missions to assess his skills while going through a psychiatric evaluation and a thorough background check, even if they find nothing to support the history of 47 or activities before joining ICA. So Burnwood is very impressed with the performance of 47, his superior, Director of Training Erich Söders, believes it is too dangerous without leverage to keep it in line. LED 47 as a potential threat to the CIA Söders breaks the protocol and platform final test 47 so it will be impossible to fill. In response to actions contrary to the ethics of Soder, Burnwood broke the rules by intervening directly to help 47. After passing the final test, Söders reluctantly approves 47 for the field service and Diana is assigned to him as his master.

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