Played co-op, it’s a backs-against-the-wall, teeth-gritted survival affair, knee-deep in the dead, totally dependent on each other, not caring where you are, what you have and haven’t seen already or where you have to get to – just that you have to stay alive. There is a bleak trade-off, however, and I don’t mean that seeing a Space Marine in Terminator armour who calls himself ‘ShagNasty’ rather ruins the grimdark mood. I’ll get into the critique shortly, but first let me talk about how this thing actually works.

A Space Hulk is an ancient, ruined, enormous ship/floating cathedral left, ladies and gentlemen, floating in space. At some point in the 41st Millenium, some of these great carcasses are discovered by the Adeptus Astartes of the Imperium of Man. You may know these as Space Marines. Some of the Hulks have gained new inhabitants during their long period of abandonment. They are not friendly.

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