Does Slam-Bam’s ice shoe slide ignore incoming enemy attacks? If not, you can’t even try this. But, most importantly, you’ve missed the fact in your own post that Slam Bam IS weaksauce melee. He’s got a slide that deals no damage, a decent (yet average for a brawler) amount of melee output, and some cool, pointless shades. Oh, and the Frost Prison, which is pretty much his ONLY chance in most fights. Sure, he’s not the WORST Water type (hey Zap!), but he’s not better than Gill, and he’s not better than most of the melee PvP guys.
Slam is a one-trick pony. Some SL’s do this well, such as Bash, where they are SO GOOD at their one trick that it’s really all they need. Slam Bam needs more.

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