Puyo Puyo Tetris combines the blob-color matching puzzle playstyle of Puyo Puyo with the well-known Tetris, making for a “frantic four-player puzzle mashup,” as advertised, with an impressive amount of content and game modes that often have you and your opponents playing entirely different games side by side, yet still in direct competition.

Simply slamming two famously addictive puzzle games together is much more likely to make an abomination than something as good or better than either piece, but here it’s pulled off well thanks to a variety of well thought-out modes that complement each other. The basic idea of Puyo Puyo hasn’t changed much since we saw it in the more recognizable Kirby’s Avalanche and Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine: color-coded blobs, called puyo, fall from above in twos, and you must match four of the same colors to “pop” them. It sounds simple, but the complexity comes from the fact that matching them as fast as possible won’t make you a puyo-popping master. To really rack up points, chains of puyos must be carefully placed so that when one set is popped a cascading waterfall of combos follows. Tetris, of course, hasn’t changed at all either, but the modes that combine the two into a single game keeps things interesting for both the solo and multiplayer modes, which support up to four players locally and online.

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