We do not seem to have mentioned the Planet freedom many PC Gamer, but you probably already know that it is a Sonic-like platform game, Mega Drive and yin-magnet shovel very NES-y yang Knight. It is somewhat a cult hit on the internet it is, and now a suite just announced, which aims to go beyond the boundaries of a Mega Drive play.

“Planet Freedom of origin was modeled as a tribute to Sega Genesis platform games,” says developer Stephen DiDuro on Freedom Planet site 2. “We have learned what works and what does not, what is fun and what is frustrating that we should develop and what we can afford to lose. With all this in mind, we believe that we are ready to say goodbye to the nostalgia and create a following that will define the identity of the Planet freedom as a franchise. ”
three heroines of the first game will return for the sequel, like the two modes: Adventure and classic, the last players jump letting the element of surprisingly heavy history (and the voice played entirely!). The characters of Liberty Planet 2 will be drawn in more detail (as you can see in the screenshot above screen model), then there will be a new system “flexible” difficulty allowing you to change the difficulty mid-step using special gold gemstones.

The first game was kickstarted, but the (newly expanded) development team currently have no plans for a Kickstarter this time. Their “goal is to have a full version of Beta game ready in mid-2017 with the possibility of a public demonstration before then.”

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