Generally speaking, NPCs and monsters in DnL are much more intelligent than those in other games. Therefore, unless you are confident in taking them down, you had better stay away from them. Goblins will gather in groups to attack players aggressively. What’s more, they may take off your clothes. If you piss them off, they will follow behind you to pull down your houses. Players will be able to stay safe during the day. However, when the night comes, players will be exposed to dangerous situations because of the darkness. What’s worse, when solar eclipse occurs, all the creatures will be influenced by the dark force and become crazy. If you are still in the wild, you’ll be attacked by all the monsters. During the period, the main city will be an ideal shelter for all players. Snail Games has announced that its fantasy sandbox MMO Dark and Light (DnL)will be coming to Steam’s Early Access this fall. Apart from the trailer released at China Joy2016, we didn’t get many details from its teaser site. Luckily, we get some first hand information about the gameplay for you guys.

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